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Our services are:


As Professional Congress Planners (OPC), we distinguish ourselves in the different Organization and Production areas such as:

Previous CoordinationSearch and choosing the venue.

  • Search and choosing the venue.
  • Advising for the designation of the Organization Committee and its functions
  • Periodical meetings.
  • Choosing, inviting and quoting of suppliers and further hiring.
  • Making a detailed cost center [listing].
  • Reception and collection of registration.
  • Advising in the selection and contact of special guests coordinating their participation.

Promotion and advertising

  • Making of the web site
  • Making of data bases
  • Marketing Mailing planning

Scientific Papers Management

  • Making of a containing system.
  • Assistance for national and international reviewers .
  • Sending of personalized letters.
  • Documentation.

Commercial Management

  • Making of a list of potential sponsors
  • Sales meetings.
  • Drawings for booths and else.
  • Coordination with each participating institution.
  • Making of sales tools and strategies.


  • Making of special programs
  • Picking up at the airport
  • Air and ground transport coordination 
  • Hotel logistics.

Event Production

  • Hiring and training of support personnel.
  • Design and Production of social activities.
  • Delivery of graphic and electronic material.

Closing of the event 

  • Delivery of generated data bases.
  • Event specialized accounting.
  • Delivery of periodical accounting reports.
  • Delivery of detailed final report and delivery of remaining material


Its goal is to promote the commercial interchange between suppliers and would-be buyers belonging to a specific industry, who negotiate one-to-one.

All those interested companies participate in offering and demanding products, technologies, services and infrastructure available in the world market, which is getting more competitive each day.

In each stage of this activity, CMC provides expert advice when needed, both in the technical area as in public relations and business tourism.


  • Making of project and budget
  • Promotion.
  • Registration of participating companies.
  • Issuing of "Participants List"
  • Accreditation of participant companies.
  • Registration of interview requests
  • Issuing of meeting agenda.
  • Production.
  • Evaluation


Companies and/or governmental meetings programmed with the time enough to plan ahead. Time is needed to achieve the suppliers and buyers goals.  These commercial visits are planned from and to Chile; they include meetings with opinion leaders in the desired area. 

Negotiations are held in groups accompanied of social events at the beginning and/or end of the stay, as networking opportunities. To amplify your personal bond it is indispensable to intercommunicate with a professional and specialized team for advice in the country of origin and /or destination of the mission.  


  • Support in achieving objectives.
  • Definition of workingmechanics for each system in the Business Roundtable.
  • Making of action project and budget.
  • Event related Marketing. 
  • Direct promotion. 
  • Registration of participating companies and/or persons.  Making of participants’ list. 
  • Registration of selected guests.
  • Issuing of program or agenda. 
  • Production. 
  • Evaluation.
  • Choosing of location. 
  • Hotel bookings.
  • Transfers.


Our company has carried out several commercial exhibitions in Chile, most of them linked to conventions, and other that are exclusive, we call fairs:


  • Choosing the venue.
  • Suppliers (booths’ building, security, general and specific objectives, etc.).
  • Definition of the general and specific objectives.
  • Definition of commercial, marketing and financial strategies.
  • Strategic Alliance.
  • Definition of the fairs best and strategic location.
  • Making of stands plans. 
  • Making of General Regulations and technical sheets. 
  • Contracts for sponsors and exhibitors. 
  • Selection and training of specialized personnel. 


  • Making of potential sponsors list.
  • Sales meetings.
  • Making of plans.
  • Coordination with each participating institution.
  • Making of sales tools and strategies.


  • Additionally we offer the exhibitors the building of specially designed booths. With more than 100 commercial exhibitions in Chile and with an attendance of up to 10.000 people all carried out successfully.


  • Quotation and purchase of domestic and international tickets.
  • Pick up at the airport and ground transfers. 
  • Information about Chile and tourism programs for the web site for each congress.
  • Delegations assistance.
  • Group incentives.
  • Hotel Reservations.
  • Tours before, during and after events.
  • Automobile rental with or without driver.



  • Anniversaries.
  • Dinners.
  • Inaugurations.
  • Launchings.
  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties.
  • Motivational Trips.


We offer professional coordination in personalized marketing for each event or company.


  • Product Launching.
  • Sales points Promotions.
  • Sales personnel Training 


  • Logos and isotypes.
  • Art and creation.
  • Brochures and catalogs.
  • Stationery.
  • Direct Marketing Design.
  • Signaling.


  • Mechanization
  • Massive mail dispatch
  • Door to door mail delivery
  • Receipt confirmation.

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